Chaos Mu Online is a lastest version (Season 15 Episode 1 Part 3) of the classic free-to-play fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU.

We are simply gamers who want to make the Mu Online community an enjoyable experience to be part of for everyone, within a well-designed play-to-win economic system.  We operate a middle rate PVP server style (Experience Rate: x1000 with 300% drop rate), which is very user-friendly, allowing everyone to play easily and enjoy themselves while escaping their busy and monotonous life, at least for a while and happily focus on killing random players, farming for top items and slaying badass bosses for high-tier loots, among many other thrilling actions and adventures.

We are so thrilled and excited to announce that the grand opening is scheduled for May 23, 2020, at 07:00 PM (UTC+1), during which all players will be receiving 5 WCoins every 30 minutes. Also, new players can ask for a promo code on our Discord channel and get 1000 WCoin to make a quick start on our server.

Our web panel provides various services such as a roulette system, which you can try your luck on, potentially leading to big rewards such as some ticket system, votes for credits, and some code redeem system.

Please note that all personal stored items are sold in exchange for WCoin, which basically means that you can just sit back, enjoy and get to play a different character while selling your items by using the /offtrade command. The In-game commands can be found on our command page, check it out!

Our game server and clients are powered by IGCN, the best current mu private server provider which offers some up-to-date content as well as high stability. Reaching a stable economy is our objective and as you may know, this requires testing, feedback and of course suggestions; therefore we will welcome and consider any piece of advice you may want to throw at us, either by using a ticket system or by hitting us up on the Discord channel.


Season 15 Episode 1 Part 3 patch note

+ New character Slayer
+ New Wings for Slayer, Wings of Silence
+ New MUUN Desmodus for Slayer
+ New Map: Abyss Atlans, Scorched Canyon
+ New Monsters for Map Scorched Canyon
+ New Mastery Weapons and Items for all classes
+ New UI for Item Upgrade System
+ New pet, Ghost Horse
+ New Items 4th and 5th (Soul, Blue Eye) for Rune Wizard
+ New Mastery Weapons for Rune Wizard

Published by Simon, May 23, 2020


Here are some pictures from our beta test and their IGN

Thanks for all of your contributions!








Published by Simon, May 23, 2020



  • Events reward

  • Bosses respawn and drop fix

  • Drop bigger (250-500) Ruud box from monsters

  • Bigger Ruud box (xShop)


31 MAY:

  • PvM damage (all classes)
  • Buff MG, DW
  • Fix Swell Life (Overpower)
  • Elites Drop (Scorched)
  • More Scorched spots
  • More Lost Tower 7 spots
  • More Abyss Atlans spots


26 MAY:

  • GP shop improvement (wing 2,3,4 materials, jewels, boxes and starter items)
  • Non-PvP Map - farm for GP -> Arena
  • Ruud skills disappear after RR are fixed
  • Fix disconnect issue
  • Slayer, DL, and DK (Swell of Life) are nerfed


23 MAY:

  • New Lorencia
    • Fighting ring


20 MAY:

  • PvP and PvM damage balance
  • Attack speed balance (new max attack speed)
  • Boss spawn and loots
  • Buff ELF attack speed
  • Nerf Swell Life (BK)
  • Buff Wizard PvM damage
  • XShop is updated
  • Elite drop rate (will increase it a bit more)



19 MAY:

  • RR reward system

    • This will reward 10 WCoin per RR -> 3 RRs -> 3000 Ruuds box

    • Play-to-Win

  • GR system

    • This will reward some amount of WCoin

    • Endless gameplay


18 MAY:

  • /offlevel is enabled

  • Fixed attack and skill speed on some classes

  • Increase more ML EXP

    • We focus only on RRs count


17 MAY:

  • Limit all stats to 32000

  • Increase ML EXP *4 from the original setting


16 MAY:

  • Starter kits for a new character

  • DL, RF, MG starting items have been added

    • Check Wondering Merchant


15 MAY:

  • Change the reset system

    • Stats will be burn after reset

    • Free stat points = [number of resets+1] * 500

Published by Simon, May 30, 2020


When you reach level 400, it is time to do a reset your level and your stats.

Traditionally, if you reset your characters, the stats will remain where they are.

But this time... we will make it more challenging

You will be back to level 1 again with minimal stats (depending on your class).

The extra points will increase by 500 in each reset.

Extra point = [Number of resets] * 500

Each reset costs 5m and will be increased in every reset.

Each reset gives 10 WCoins as a reward


Finally, when you reach 255 resets you can do a grand reset and give 5000 WCoins as a reward

Enjoy the endless battle :)

Published by Simon, May 15, 2020


Please feel free to register and download the game client in advance ;)

You may want to install a Windows font called "Arial Unicode MS" which is including in the game client to fix a corrupted font in-game.


Useful link




Published by Simon, May 14, 2020

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